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Here's what our Organizations say about
The Printed Edition

"The Annual Guides for the Arts is the "ZAGATS" of the Arts world in Houston.
Thank you for creating such a great looking, comprehensive guide
to the major art happenings in Houston" 
Linda Sanders Director of Marketing Houston Society for the Performing Arts

We recognize the Annual Guide for the Arts as the area's comprehensive resource
for performing arts attraction in the Washington Metropolitan area.
As such I believe it serves as an excellent resource tool for the seasoned arts patron"
Joanne Steller, Director of Marketing Services The Kennedy Center

"The elegant booklet will be a valuable resource for our subscribers and major donors."
Linda C. Soma, Public Relations, Washington Performing Arts Society

"Many of our subscribers attend more than one discipline, and the Guide will be of real value to them."
John A. MacElwee, Director of Marketing, Houston Syphony

"There is no question that arts lovers depend on this much-needed publication..."
Rebecca A. Menes, Director of Marketing, Pacific SymphonyOrchestra, Orange County

"It has become a sought-after resource for those legions of people who love and attend the arts."
Lyndon Zincke, Patron Services, San Francisco Opera